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With our help, Language Research Development Group saw an incredible 1292% increase in ROI on paid ads. Additionally, we boosted organic traffic by over 250% and social media performance, reaching over 100k people. Having a team of experts can lead to impressive outcomes.

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Since November 2020, Magpi and So Good Digital have been working collaboratively to revamp their marketing strategy. Organic traffic to the website has seen an incredible 127% increase, more leads have been converted, and the cherry on top is the huge savings of $700 for every $1000 spent on paid social media ads.

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Our team made remarkable progress in just one week. We boosted this freight company’s Google reviews from 3 to 4.5 stars and generated more clicks on LinkedIn than ever before. Excellent task management and communication led to quick results for this company.

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What people are saying about So Good Digital

"Genuinely happy to say it's been like a family. Your team cares. Your team believes in our mission and vision and wants us to succeed and knows that they can help us. And anytime I share any constructive feedback on the way an ad is being written or a copy is being generated, your team jumps on it and is so open and accepting of it and is ready to perfect it."

“I enjoyed working with Ilia and will definitely consider working with him again in the future. He’s very knowledgeable about content writing in various forms, styles, and methods. He is also very helpful working on projects with a team and is instrumental in keeping a complicated process moving forward.”

Angela Miles, CMO

“We’ve really enjoyed our experience working with So Good Digital. They delivered quality work, on time and within budget, and were fun and easy to work with. We highly recommend them!”

Lisa Séguin, Director of Marketing 

Rose Donna, COO Magpi

“Working with So Good Digital has been a game changer for our company. From the start they reviewed our needs and provided a clear plan and understanding of what we needed to do. In addition we have learned a lot about the marketing process and how to reach more clients. Very efficient and professional.”

Rose Donna, COO

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the work we’ve done with So Good Digital, more than with any other digital marketing team we’ve worked with — and we intend to continue. Highly recommended.”

Joel Selanikio, CEO

I was having trouble finding someone who could quickly get an idea of my goals, my audience, their desires, etc. [Ilia] was brilliant. We had an initial interview where he asked questions that even got me thinking about my potential customers differently. Then he laid out potential copy is great docs that helped organize, give a “why” and provide options. After just our first job with him, it improved how we write all of our content, from blogs, to sales, to social media.

Scott Ruth, Business Owner

“So Good Digital was the perfect boutique marketing firm we needed to revamp our brand and increase our social media footprint. The team is easy to work with, responsive, and up to date on the latest advertising approaches and technologies. A very positive experience!”

Facundo Alberdi, Business Development Manager 

“It’s been a pleasure working with Ilia and the rest of the So Good Digital team. They clearly knew what they were doing when it came to navigating the social networks and were quick to respond to our inquiries. They managed to get my company out there in the online world.”

Abe Gelkopf, Director

“[So Good Digital] was a pleasure to work with. Ilia delivered a great email campaign for us. I will not hesitate to use his services again in the future.”

Jeff Burress, Founder & Global Operations Lead

I’ve worked with So Good Digital on multiple projects and each time they have delivered high-quality work within the timelines agreed upon. Ilia and his team have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and really fun to work with.”

Verified UpWork Review

“[So Good Digital] was a pleasure to work with. Was very easy to communicate with and build a timeline for work needed. Would highly recommend”


Chase Westbrook, Vice President

“We’ve been working with So Good Digital for over a year now and the reason is they do an excellent job at marketing. Not only have they helped us with successful marketing campaigns, they’ve help us restructure our whole marketing process. Can not say enough about Ilia and his team.”

Verified Clutch Review

“Very impressed, not just with the quality of the copy (which was so good), but the process of digging deeper into my needs, my client, the project, etc. Very excited to continue working with [So Good Digital] in copy writing and consultations to improve other areas of our business! Would recommend to anyone looking to improve the quality of their words and how they interact with their clients.

Verified UpWork Review

“Thanks to the ongoing involvement of So Good Digital, the company has improved their web traffic and engagement by 60%. The team strictly adheres to their timelines, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their marketing expertise and organizational skills.”

Verified Clutch Review

“The team at So Good Digital delivers an efficient service that benefitted internal processes. Their flexibility is noteworthy. They work well with their customers, creating a great and effective working relationship. “

Verified Clutch Review

“So Good Digital is able to consistently deliver on the client’s requests while strictly adhering to the set timelines and budget. The team is highly receptive and communicative, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their creative problem-solving skills.”

Verified Clutch Review