"Working with So Good Digital has been a game changer "

Rose Donna, COO

Since November 2020, Magpi has partnered with So Good Digital to revamp their marketing strategy, resulting in a 127% increase in organic traffic, more leads converted, and savings of $700 for every $1000 spent on paid social media ads.
Organic Traffic
+ 50 %
+ 20 %
Cost per click
- 30 %


Magpi, a company that enables organizations across various industries to develop flexible and robust mobile forms, was struggling with its marketing campaigns. They had previously worked with consultants, but they found the communication was poor, and the results were minimal.

They had been provided with strategies, but nobody had helped them implement, test, and optimize them.

That’s when So Good Digital stepped in.

"We've been working with So Good Digital for over a year now, and the reason is they do an excellent job at marketing. Not only have they helped us with successful marketing campaigns, they've helped us restructure our whole marketing process. Can not say enough about Ilia and his team,"

So Good Digital began by conducting a content audit and an in-depth analysis of the overall marketing funnel. We found that there were many middle-of-funnel content pieces, such as ebooks and lead generation assets, that were not getting enough attention.

Our Work

An analytical review showed that a lot of junk traffic was coming to the website through poorly optimized paid ads. Display advertising on spam websites showed a low cost per click, but none of these users were converting into customers. 

A well-maintained global presence was needed, which So Good Digital was able to achieve with a global advertising campaign that focused on real users. Quality traffic meant real users began subscribing to Magpi’s email list, and this improved the overall performance of their campaigns.

So Good Digital also created top-of-funnel content for brand exposure, and social media finally began to grow. LinkedIn advertising saw a decrease in cost per click from about $3.00 to under $1.00, which is unusual for what’s usually an expensive platform.

"At the time, content creation was not scalable and brought nearly no traffic. Working closely with the subject matter expert CEO, we were able to create valuable new content that ranked on the first page of Google for multiple keywords. A feat that was not achieved before,"

So Good Digital also created more bottom-of-funnel content and focused on conversion optimization to convert traffic into leads. We saw an increase in demo bookings and a decreased bounce rate on the website.

"We've been extremely pleased with the work we've done with So Good Digital, more than with any other digital marketing team we've worked with -- and we intend to continue. Highly recommended,"

So Good Digital also assisted with conversion rate optimization by creating a new pricing page and in-app user experience improvements using Appcues. 

We helped create a new marketing funnel and provided a go-to-market strategy for a new update to the Magpi app. So Good Digital ran a webinar and growth marketing campaign, resulting in a massive number of leads on the waiting list. We also managed social media and created new graphics for the website and social media channels.

The Results

The results speak for themselves: Magpi saw a +127% increase in organic traffic, +50% more leads per month, and a -70% decrease in cost per click for their paid social media ads.

An example of one page created for Magpi which increased 89% in views, with a healthy page duration view of over 8 minutes meaning a good audience fit.
An example of one page created for Magpi which ranks on the first page of Google for multiple keywords in their niche
An increase of 127% in users acquired through organic traffic in just seven months.

About the company

Magpi enables organizations across various industries to easily and cost-effectively develop flexible and robust mobile forms, and access and visualize real-time data, and generate reports.


SaaS, Healthcare

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